Demystifying Artificial Consciousness – About Attributions, Black Swans, and Suffering Machines

Journal of AI Humanities Vol.9 (December 2021)

Will artificial systems one day be able to have consciousness? Would this be human-like, or completely different? And would we even be able to detect this consciousness, or would we create our own illusion of something that does not exist at all. With the AI hype of recent years, considerations of AI consciousness have also become popular again, and indeed various scientists are working on building conscious artificial systems. The article reports from a research project that approaches potential AI Consciousness from a technology assessment perspective. It examined which actors and networks are working on AI consciousness, what basic positions are held, what promises and what concerns are discussed. The project produced a science podcast in which experts from a wide range of disciplines (from robotics to theology) were interviewed, addressed to the interested public. The project results lead to the recommendation to classify potential AI Consciousness ex ante as high-risk AI.

DOI: 10.46397/JAIH.9.7

WENDLAND, Karsten. Demystifying Artificial Consciousness-About Attributions, Black Swans, and Suffering Machines. 인공지능인문학연구, 2021, 9. Jg., S. 137-166.

veröffentlicht am 10.02.2022