Super-intelligences – techno-fairy tale or real threat?

Citation, SWR 1

The idea that a superintelligence will one day emerge sounds like pure science fiction. But there are research projects looking into this question - including in Baden-Württemberg.

So far, all regulatory ideas apply to "weak AI." This refers to software that uses machine learning to develop cognitive abilities that previously only humans had, and that learns to solve tasks independently.

"Strong AI" goes far beyond this and is something we encounter again and again in well-known movies and books, such as "Terminator" or "Blade Runner." This AI surpasses human capabilities, can plan and make decisions independently, and can adapt to any changes in order to pursue an overall strategic goal. So far, this is just science fiction.

By SWR editor

Published in: SWR 1

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published on 22.01.2021